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Lance Inouye, President & CEO of Ralph S. Inouye Co., Ltd. Unveils the Honolulu Airport Third Level Sterile Corridor

The work includes the construction of a new enclosed corridor, approximately 2,000 linear feet, along the third level of the Ewa Concourse, Ewa Connecting Link and Overseas Terminal.  Foreign arrival passengers are now able to walk from their arrival gates to Customs within a fully air-conditioned structure.  To assist in their commute, three (3) moving walkways have also been installed.

The location of the new corridor required several different type of construction for the new structure.  The first portion of the corridor was constructed over an existing cantilevered roadway and utilized steel framing, standing seam metal and BUR roofing and a DEFS exterior.  The remainder of the new corridor is integrated with the existing concourse structure and consists of low concrete walls and an aluminum window wall system.  

A challenge that occurred during construction is the installation of the new moving walkway system within an existing structure. Six (6) open pits approximately 6’wide x 20’ long each were constructed within the third level roadway and sidewalks to accommodate the new walkway systems.  Beneath each of these openings were the second level pedestrian walkways, automatic glass doors and restrooms.  Because pedestrian traffic along the second level could not be interrupted, careful planning and coordination with the Airport was critical in successfully constructing each pit.

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