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New Animal Encounter at the Honolulu Zoo (Keiki Zoo)

The Animal Encounter Discovery Center at the Honolulu Zoo quadrupled the size of the Keiki Zoo and has many one-of-a-kind exhibits.  The 1.5 acre site was cleared and utility infrastructure was installed.  The project included one-of-a-kind fiberglass koi tank with crawl-thru log and pop-up, interactive water wheel, goat interactive display, guinea pig display, and goose pond.  A new entry building, story-telling garden, chicken, horse, cow, and llama sheds were design and constructed with an old-Hawaiian style theme.

During the pre-construction phase, RSI’s team met regularly with the design team, zoo staff, and city project managers to analyze design issues, flesh out unique zoo requirements, and agree on expectations.  Careful coordination helped to expedite permitting, and construction, while minimizing change orders and delays.  The special needs of the animals and zoo also were discussed and considered during these team meetings.  Construction procedures, scheduling and phasing plans were developed to minimize impact and ensure safety and well-being of the animals, staff, and visitors.  Zoo staff enjoyed hands on input throughout the entire project, which helped RSI create designs and finishes best suited for the animals and general public.  Due to the diligent work of the entire team during the pre-construction phase, the project was completed 10 months ahead of schedule and under budget.  The zoo staff expressed satisfaction with the exhibits and enlarged areas for the animals and the Animal Encounter Discovery Center is now the most visited section of the zoo.